[PD] dynamic guis

pun chik punchik at fastmail.fm
Tue Jun 28 17:38:39 CEST 2005

hi list, IS it possible to create sliders dynamically with a "receive
symbol" parameter?? I know how to create objects dynamically but in the
case of a slider or a visual object how can i set its properties

if this is not possible is there any way to make guis that can change
its components while im playing?
for example i have 3 options ( bangs) in my gui (cone, curve, text3d)...
when i select cone  i want that appears in my gui  2 sliders that can
control the cones parameter.... and if a select curve i want that the
cones sliders dissappear and appear the sliders that control

if i have 30 options is big waste of space to have all my screen full of
sliders..... any idea to perform such a task??

many thanx

  pun chik
  punchik at fastmail.fm

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