[PD] OT - going on tour

dafydd hughes dafydd61 at sideshowmedia.ca
Tue Jun 28 22:07:11 CEST 2005

Hi everyone

Sorry for the off-topic posting...

For the month of July, I'll be touring the US (sadly, no PD on stage, 
but 2 pd computers on the tour bus) and I thought it would be really 
cool to meet some folks, or at least make contact and find out what 
interesting things I can check out while in town.  My timetable is sort 
of at the mercy of the tour manager and I've never been on tour before, 
but I get the impression that I may have a fair bit of free time here 
and there.  (I can hear you seasoned touring musicians laughing.)

Anyhow, if anybody from any of these cities is interested in hooking up, 
chatting, jamming, please contact me off-list and perhaps we can make 
arrangements.  We'll be going to Seattle, Portland, LA, San Francisco, 
San Diego, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, 
Charlottesville, Baltimore, New York, Washington, Philadelphia, New 
Haven, Boston, Cleveland and Detroit.

Again, I'm sorry for the OT.


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