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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Jun 29 00:41:54 CEST 2005

altern hat gesagt: // altern wrote:

> but the main issue I wanted to point to, I guess, is that in my
> opinion it would be good for PD to have a good, portable sample
> player abstraction that people can use and reuse if they dont know
> (or dont have time or cannot be bothered, etc...) to code themselves
> one.
> Sometimes I give introductions to PD to multimedia students, and it
> is quite a difficult point when they ask for a complex sample player
> like the object in MAX and I have to answer 'you have to code it
> yrself from scratch or start from qsample.pd'. Of course they mean
> one where they can straight away to change frequency, invert the
> sound, and control all kinds of parameters.  And qsample, despite of
> being a nice example, it doesnt fulfill all this.

That's exactly what rrad.minipli.pd is intended for. I also use this
in classes, because I just don't want to hear any sine waves anymore
there, so I just tell students to load rrad.minipli, and that's it:
They can play some nice wav-files they have on disk and it sound much
better than the [osc~] orchestra with clicks, you normally hear in Pd

There also is rrad.minipli-xsample.pd, which uses xsample~ internally,
but for this usecase, it doesn't have many advantages over qsample. 

Anyway, rrad.minipli intentionally is kept simple, but of course it is
possible to extend the idea to a more complex sample player.

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