[PD] Install Pd on FC4 Linux?

David Kendall dkendall at calarts.edu
Wed Jun 29 03:02:09 CEST 2005

Thanks for the advice, Pat. I did notice that Plannet CCRMA will be ready
for FC4 pretty soon. That is encouraging. I was hoping that an install of
Planet CCRMA would take care of my problem.

By the way, I checked the page listing all the software contained in the
Planet CCRMA distribution, and it looks like it comes with Pd 0.37. Does
Planet CCRMA actually come with the latest version of Pd, or would I need
to upgrade if I want Pd 0.38?

In any case, I think I'll keep investigating tcl with the hope that I can
get Pd and GEM running sooner, rather than later.


> dave did you look at planet ccrma?
> i think they are transitioning to FC4
> might be an easy fix while you get comfy.
> http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/software/
> cheers
> On Jun 28, 2005, at 7:50 PM, David Kendall wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have recently installed Linux (Fedora Core 4) on an old Pentium
>> machine.
>> I have plenty of experience running Pd and the extensions on Windows
>> and
>> OS X, but I am completely new to the world of Linux.
>> I have downloaded Miller's source for 0.38-4, but I am unable to
>> compile
>> the source. Based on my research in the PD-list archives, it seems
>> that my
>> compile problems arise from not having tcl/tk installed on my linux
>> distribution. I don't have access to my linux box until late tonight,
>> so I
>> cannot include the compile errors with this message. Sorry. Anyway,
>> based
>> on some research in to the literature on FC3, it appears as if tcl/tk
>> are
>> supposedly included in the standard distribution.
>> My question is this: has anyone encountered similar problems compiling
>> Pd
>> on Fedora Core, and if so, is there some sort of option I can modify in
>> the OS, in the package manager perhaps, to activate or install TCL/TK?
>> I may ultimately turn to the Fedora forum for help installing the TCL
>> and
>> TK rpms I find on the internet. But if there is some obvious solution
>> that
>> I am missing, then I would very much appreciate some clarification.
>> Thanks
>> in advance.
>> cheers,
>> David Kendall
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