[PD] uh oh... more dumb pd/gem linux questins

David Kendall dkendall at calarts.edu
Thu Jun 30 09:05:57 CEST 2005

Hello Everyone

So, after all the fussm the other day about compiling Pd on Fedra Core 4,
I fonally managed to get Pd working. I am not sure I remember how I did
it, but it involved a somhat intuitive, somewhat logical shifting of
directories containing the relevant .h files.

Now I want to compile GEM to run with Pd on Linux (yikes!), and I expect
plenty of fudging around, to make sure that all the proper libraries are
installed &c. I do have a simple question that I hope will speed up the
compilation process, though. When the GemLibs documentation says:

  put the GemLibs near your Gem-src path.
  something like:

... then, by "Gem-src path", do they mean the location within the Pd
directory where the source code for GEM resides? (i.e.
/home/david/pd/extra/gem/src) Or would the GemLibs source reside in a
location closer to the libraries upon which gem/pd are dependent? (i.e.

I understand that I will have to feel around to figure out exactly where
all of my .h files should go. But if I can know to put the source code
within the Pd directory, or near more general source libraries, then I
think the process of figuring ou whre everything goes would be a lot

As always, thanks in advance, and apologies if I am being dense here. ;-)



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