[PD] uh oh... more dumb pd/gem linux questins

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jun 30 09:37:30 CEST 2005

David Kendall wrote:
> Hello Everyone
> So, after all the fussm the other day about compiling Pd on Fedra Core 4,
> I fonally managed to get Pd working. I am not sure I remember how I did
> it, but it involved a somhat intuitive, somewhat logical shifting of
> directories containing the relevant .h files.
> Now I want to compile GEM to run with Pd on Linux (yikes!), and I expect
> plenty of fudging around, to make sure that all the proper libraries are
> installed &c. I do have a simple question that I hope will speed up the
> compilation process, though. When the GemLibs documentation says:
>   put the GemLibs near your Gem-src path.
>   something like:
> 	<src>/GemLibs/
> 	<src>/gem-<version>/src
> ... then, by "Gem-src path", do they mean the location within the Pd
> directory where the source code for GEM resides? (i.e.
> /home/david/pd/extra/gem/src) Or would the GemLibs source reside in a
> location closer to the libraries upon which gem/pd are dependent? (i.e.
> /lib/src/GemLibs)

it doesn't need to be somewhere near pd (though m_pd.h should be in an 
accesible path, like /usr/local/include or the like)

what i meant in the docs is:
if GemLibs are here: /path/to/wherever/GemLibs/
then Gem's config.h-file should be here: 
(or, alternatively, if the gem-sources come with version-number)

anyhow, it might well be that the GemLibs are not needed altogether on 
your distribution (i'm no specialist with fedora)

provided by GemLibs are following libraries:
  GLTT + freetype
but all of them are most probably outdated

if it is an option for you, i would try to install (at least) the 
following development-packages from your distribution (probably the 
names are not 100% correct)
  libftgl-devel + freetype2-devel

hint: try to not use GLTT, but rather FTGL!

hint: if you are using the CVS-version of Gem (i'd recommend this), you 
can additionally use ImageMagick++-devel AND all of the image-libraries 
(jpeg, tiff, imagemagick) are _optional_ (this is: Gem will still 
compile and run (with limited functionality though) if you don't have 
any or one of this libraries)

please report back which packages did work for you.


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