[PD] avi in pd

ydegoyon at free.fr ydegoyon at free.fr
Thu Jun 30 20:12:22 CEST 2005


>> I use pdp_qt object to play mov files because I don't know other object
>> wich plays video files. (avi too?)
> if you are using pidip, you could try [pdp_ffmpeg] (or [pdp_ffmpegin] or
similar, i don't know the exact name)
> with pdp/pidip each decoding-library has a separate object.
mm, it's not exactly that :

pdp_live~ can decode video files decoded by ffmpeg
__if you compile pidip with ffmpeg support ( --with-ffmpeg=... )__

pdp_theorin~ can read nicely theora encoded video files
( but it's a little bit heavy )


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