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shreeswifty bigswift at ufl.edu
Mon Aug 1 19:10:48 CEST 2005


check granuloop [granular drums] it works very nice [but yes 
requires Yves' Grid external and the Joystick external too.] I 
simply ask to see patches so i can get a feel for what works/does 
not. I always intend to make things myself, but frankly 
nullpointers drummachine was pretty darn close to what i was 
wanting. I think odiv was trying to be helpful but i agree with 
david that it's nice ..AND IT WAS to get some links.

On Mon Aug 01 12:56:48 EDT 2005, David Powers 
<cyborgk at nocturnalnoize.com> wrote:

> Okay, I'm sorry but this bothers me - telling people "build it 
> yourself" instead of providing some concrete information for 
> someone who is probably new at PD.  We are all here because we 
> want to learn to build things ourselves, but some of us need a 
> little more help along the way.
> Furthermore, a functional drum machine is not as simple as you 
> imply, you need the modulus+counter, some way to code rhythmic 
> patterns (grid? 0's and 1's? What if you want to switch between 
> different time units?), you need to get all the sampler parts 
> worked out, you need envelopes (notice in Frank's example 
> tutorial he used an external that a newbie would not be familiar 
> with to get more precise attack and decay times), and need a 
> mixer section.  Each of these can be tricky for a beginner.  At 
> the least it would be nice to include some kind of examples of 
> your patches, if this is easy and something you've already built 
> (as you seem to imply).  Yes, it might not be hard to get a 
> little "tweek tweek tweek" in quarter notes, but that's not the 
> same as a usable performance tool.  And for PD to be more than a 
> teaching tool, it needs to result in performance tools that 
> people can use. If I have time in the future to work on PD, I'll 
> try and work on such things (actual working abstractions and 
> apps).  I'd most like to see a granular drum machine, personally, 
> possibly with options to do aleatoric tweaks.  I'd also really 
> like to see something that captures buffer stuff and can spit out 
> random rhythmic permutations and subdivisions in time with the 
> beat.  I don't have enough knowledge to build these things 
> currently but maybe someday...
> ~David
> odiv . wrote:
>> hello Patrick
>> I really recommend you to use your imagination and build your 
>> own "drums". Think...what do you need: a constant (or not) sound 
>> source times envelope generator, which is triggered (or not) by 
>> rythmical (or not) patterns. As simple as it gets. Have your 
>> custom fun.
>> daniel .

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