[PD] Digital Pedals : delay and loops

Jason Plumb jason at noisybox.net
Tue Aug 2 04:38:16 CEST 2005

 > Hi Pd-lovers,
 > As I am building my set of abstractions for musical synthesis, I am
 > working on a kind of a digital delay effect. I was wondering if there
 > was something out-of-the-box I could use instead of my current
 > multiple tabread~ and tabwrite~ approach.

I've got a pd delay line (dline~) that I like quite a bit that requires 
no externals.  You can grab it from:

Only two parameters:  delay time and feedback amount.  I'm sure it's not 
without its problems, but it's probably usable (depending on your 
purposes).  The issues I know about:
1) Introduced noise when changing the delay time
2) Passed through input volume at 100% (probably need to introduce 
another parameter).

You can convert it to a looper by setting the feedback to 100% (1). 
Anyway, it's free and requires nothing other than pd, and 
feedback/complaints/patches are welcome.


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