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there is nothing to be bothered about. I recommended Patrick to "build it yourself", cuz this is where you apply your own idea. Isn`t it nice to create... 
And "a functional drum machine" IS as simple as I imply: either sound is there or it`s not. Consistently repeating you`ll get a rythmical (or not) pattern.
no hard feelings, I WAS trying to help. :)
best regs
daniel .

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Subject: Re: [PD] pd drum machines
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> Okay, I'm sorry but this bothers me - telling people "build it 
> yourself" instead of providing some concrete information for 
> someone who is probably new at PD.  We are all here because we want 
> to learn to build things ourselves, but some of us need a little 
> more help along the way.
> Furthermore, a functional drum machine is not as simple as you 
> imply, you need the modulus+counter, some way to code rhythmic 
> patterns.... 
> ~David
> odiv . wrote:
> > hello Patrick
> >
> > I really recommend you to use your imagination and build your own 
> > "drums". Think...what do you need: a constant (or not) sound 
> > source times envelope generator, which is triggered (or not) by 
> > rythmical (or not) patterns. As simple as it gets. Have your 
> > custom fun.
> >
> > daniel .
> >
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