[PD] announce: new externals and library

Jamie Bullock jamie at postlude.co.uk
Fri Aug 5 19:51:16 CEST 2005


I have just finished putting together a few externals for my own use,
and in the spirit of sharing etc I thought I'd make them available to
everybody else. They can be found in my puredata corner at
<www.puredata.org/members/jb/>. The work includes:

fton - a slight modification to my old spectonote external for
outputting note name, octave class and cent deviation from a frequency

fct~ - an implementation of the Fast Discrete Cosine Transform algorithm
by Sherlock and Monro

ifct~ - the inverse of the above

flib - This is really just the early beginnings of a modular library of
externals aimed at simplifying feature extraction in PD. So far it

     *  mspec~ - magnitude (or power) spectrum from rfft~
      * pspec~ - phase spectrum from rfft~ 
      * peak~ - peak detection (and frequency estimation) from mspec~
      * sc~ - calculate spectral centroid from peak~
      * ss~ - spectral smoothness
      * trist~ - spectral tristimulus (x,y,z)
      * irreg~ - spectral irregularity
      * sfm~ - spectral flatness measure  

mspec~, pspec~ and peak~ work entirely in the signal domain. All of the
other objects take signal domain inputs and generate message domain
output. I intend to add tools for calculating MFCC (incorporating fct~
above) and a few other goodies in the not too distant future.

At the moment the Makefiles and binaries are Linux only. I do intend on
making this available on other platforms though. 

It would be nice if someone other than me found this work useful, but at
any rate, comments, suggestions, bug reports and error reports are very

Kind Regards,


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