[PD] GEM and live camera

Andres Ferrari anfex at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 8 16:38:38 CEST 2005

 hello...i put in a patch 2 objects "pix_video"....but
only one works. is posible to have 2 pix_video or
not?? for example for the same live input..2
rectangles with the same texture(video input) but with
independet movements and rotation...each pix_video
with the corresponding gemhead object.

with pix_film (.mov movies) is possble but pix_video
don't works....

some messages for pix_video don't work.for example set
colorspace to YUV or RGBA(always is YUV)

i have G4,osx,pd 0.38 and gem 0.90 for G4

sorry for my ugly enghish

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