[PD] problems with OSC in windows

enrico_groups at libero.it enrico_groups at libero.it
Mon Aug 8 17:41:53 CEST 2005

Thanks for your reply Piotr,

the problem is that because pd cannot load the OSC library, then I cannot use any of it, so for example, if I try to create the OSCroute object, I get:

tried C:\\Program\\OSCroute.dll and failed
tried C:\\Program Files\\pd\\extra\\OSCroute.dll and failed
tried C:\\Program\\OSCroute\\OSCroute.dll and failed
tried C:\\Program Files\\pd\\extra\\OSCroute\\OSCroute.dll and failed
tried C:\\Program\\OSCroute.pd and failed
tried C:\\Program Files\\pd\\extra\\OSCroute.pd and failed
tried C:\\Program\\OSCroute.pat and failed
tried C:\\Program Files\\pd\\extra\\OSCroute.pat and failed
... couldn't create

I looked at the source for OSC and osc_setup is a function. it seems that on my machine PD cannot access it in the dll. 
I do not understand though why.. and how to fix this. 
I tried a few different releases, but no luck.

Has anyone seen anything similar (even with other externals)?

Any suggestion is welcome.


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> Hi Enrico,
> enrico_groups at libero.it wrote:
> > I am trying to use the osc extra. 
> > load_object: Symbol "osc_setup" not found
> > osc: can't load library
> > 
> > any suggestion?
> I'm not sure if there is osc_setup at all.
> I use objects dumpOSC and OSCroute - it works fine...
> Peter
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