[PD] GEM and live camera

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Mon Aug 8 20:12:36 CEST 2005


pix_video latches onto the video device (in the case of OSX this device is
the fire-wire port). Once the video device is latched it cannot be
accessed by any other code/application.

When you create the first pix_video the device gets latched. The second
pix_video looks for the device, but because it is in use it does nothing.

The GEM way to send one video to multiple places is to use pix_separator
(only distributes textures) or separator (which distributes whole gem
chains) In your case I think you want the latter:

[pix_video 640 480]
 |             |
[separator]   [separator]
 |             |
[pix_texture] [pix_texture]
 |             |
[square 10]   [square 2]

the output of pix_video goes to both seperator objects, the video is then
textured on both squares.

As for your YUV question I would guess this is bevause your source video
IS YUV, so putting it on RGB mode does not do much (I guess the video
device has not RGB mode)

use pix_rgba to convert to RGB (but of course it will be much slower)


>  hello...i put in a patch 2 objects "pix_video"....but
> only one works. is posible to have 2 pix_video or
> not?? for example for the same live input..2
> rectangles with the same texture(video input) but with
> independet movements and rotation...each pix_video
> with the corresponding gemhead object.
> with pix_film (.mov movies) is possble but pix_video
> don't works....
> some messages for pix_video don't work.for example set
> colorspace to YUV or RGBA(always is YUV)
> i have G4,osx,pd 0.38 and gem 0.90 for G4
> thanks.
> sorry for my ugly enghish
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