[PD] tx816/dx7 emulation in PD

Jamie Bullock jamie at postlude.co.uk
Tue Aug 9 17:03:35 CEST 2005

Dear list,

I would like to implement Yamaha tx816 emulation in PD, along the lines
of the way in which multiple instances of fm7 can be used in Max/MSP.
The criteria I would like to meet are:

1/ The sound and behaviour of the synthesis must perceptually very close
to the original sounds, excluding _overall_ timbral nuances such as
'warmth', 'thinness' etc.

2/ The implementation must be as platform independent as PD is. (I think
this rules out using jack-dssi?).

3/ The system must be able to read sysex patch data (from a midi or syx

The options I am currently considering are:

- write a dx emulator external from scratch
- write a dx object based on Frank Barknecht's rx7~ (are you still
working on this Frank?)
- write an abstraction
- write a dssi host external for PD (dssi~ - anyone working on this?)
and then use the Hexter dssi plugin
- write a port of the Hexter dssi as a PD external

I am leaning towards the latter two options, particularly the dssi host
idea as this probably entails the least duplication of effort. I would
welcome suggestions about any of this, as I don't really want to
duplicate work, or go down a particular route and find obvious pitfalls
that others could have pointed out.



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