[PD] iPAQ PDA - PD - Bluetooth, serial, GPS GPRS

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Tue Aug 9 17:41:00 CEST 2005

Hey all you mobile hackers.

I'm tasked to choosing a mobile device for distributed storytelling
project "Evolving Stories" and wanted to ask a few questions. I'm
largely torn between using an iPAQ running linux/pd and the Nokia 6680
running a custom python application.

1. does the PD comport external work with the IPAQ specifically:
  a. The serial "sync" cable?
  b. bluetooth port to another machine? (I did a workshop in finland
     where a guy was using the macromedia director serial xtra to
     communicate over bluetooth with a nokia phone.)
  c. GPS module attached to the iPAQ?

2. Are there any GPRS modules for iPAQs for internet access where there
    is only a cell-phone network?

3. Are there low-res camera modules for iPAQ? (for video capture)

4. Are there GPS modules for Nokia series 60 phones? (6680) programmable
    through the python SDK?

5. Might the HP bluetooth GPS module work with the Nokia phones? (or any
    blue-tooth device, that is *if* the communication protocol is

The project is long term, up to three years, and so we're looking for
the most creative flexibility and support for open-standards. These
things will often be used in locations where the cell-network is
probably going to be the extent of communication infrastructure.

Any pointers/links/ideas and suggestions welcomed.

Thanks all.


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