[PD] iPAQ PDA - PD - Bluetooth, serial, GPS GPRS

Erich Berger eb at randomseed.org
Wed Aug 10 10:44:45 CEST 2005

hi ben,

> 1. does the PD comport external work with the IPAQ specifically:
> a. The serial "sync" cable?

this is not a problem at all, works out of the box

> b. bluetooth port to another machine? (I did a workshop in finland
>    where a guy was using the macromedia director serial xtra to
>    communicate over bluetooth with a nokia phone.)

i never tried if comport opens serial lines from a bluetooth device,
if not and u dont want to code, there are bluetooth to serial converters,
then its again plug and play.

> The project is long term, up to three years, and so we're looking for
> the most creative flexibility and support for open-standards. These
> things will often be used in locations where the cell-network is
> probably going to be the extent of communication infrastructure.

in such a long term you have to take also the batterie life in account.
we have an ipaq project where we after developing for a while found
out that our accus are slowly getting unusable and we had to replace
them - which was back then a tricky and expensive thing to do (dont knwo
about current situatuion), where as if u use a mobile phone its no problem 
at all. i guess lithium ion accus work around 1 1/2 year well if u take 

> Any pointers/links/ideas and suggestions welcomed.

the nokia development forum

nokia and linux:

series 60 and linux:

usb-obex howto:

python for series 60:



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