[PD] compiling a patch into au

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu Aug 11 23:38:17 CEST 2005

alexandre matheson wrote:

> I would like to turn it into 
> an au is so I can pass some patches to non-pd using friends. Is there 
> not ways to turn a patch into a .app by taking what it needs from pure 
> data so that it can run standalone, 

If PD is free, what is preventing your friends from installing it to run 
your patch?

There have been a few threads about making a "projector", an 
"executable" or a "stand alone" PD patch on the list before. Have a 
search in the archives with these keywords to read all the details. But 
the essence of the matter is this: projectors, stand-alones and 
executables are usually tricks that commercial software companies use to 
allow people to share things in a very limited way without giving away 
free copies of the program. Since PD is free, this seems very 
unneccessary. On top of that, making a closed PD patch feels like a 
violation of the open spirit of the community. But maybe not everyone 
else feels that way...

Past suggestions have included bundling a PD installation in an 
OS-specific folder for distribution with the patches, or at the most 
extreme making a bootable Linux CD set up to run PD with the patch. Both 
methods remain transparent, however. Then the construction of the patch 
remains available to anyone who wants to see it.


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