[PD] Trouble with flashserver, or externals in general

Dan Wilken cubis at comcast.net
Fri Aug 12 04:30:19 CEST 2005

I am trying to get flashserver up and running, and it has become clear to me
that I don't understand how pd utilizes externals.

I have two versions of PD, version 0.37.0 which I had been using before, and
the newfangled .app Pd-0.38-4-extended-RC1.app

Does the .app look for externs in the same place as the /usr/... Pd does. Do
they both read the same conf files on bootup? Which are these?

OK. My real question:

There exists on the list archives a reference to the file
flashserver.pd_darwin. I can't find this anywhere online.
What I do have is flashserver-1.1.sit, which contains the folder build-mac
containing the file flashserver. Does this need to be compiled? I've tried
putting the flashserver file in the same folder as my patches, in the
/usr/local/lib/pd/externs directory, and in the
/Applications/Pd-0.38-4-extended-RC1.app/Contents/Resources/extra directory,
none seem to work. 

I've searched high and low, but can't find the documentation to fix my

Do all Max externals also work in pd? Do they get compiled differently?

Is the a document online that explains all this that I'm just no finding?

Thanks a million.


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