[PD] Filter design from scratch

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Fri Aug 12 10:10:31 CEST 2005


I am a total filter-tech newbie, and I need a filter with the following
specifications, preferably using [czero~] and [rpole~] and their
pd-builtins ilk:

* Lowpass filter
* -18 dB per octave rolloff
* Does not self-oscillate
* Bipolar (cutoff can be modulated positively or negatively)
* Adjustable cutoff, and resonance

Any tips? Anyone love designing filters in PD so much that they want to
do it for me? Perhaps somebody can point me at a document to help me get
started? I've already had a look at Miller's book, but before I spend
so many nights revisiting long forgotten complex number mathematics I
thought I'd check the list.

Best regards,


chris at mccormick.cx

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