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-- Piksel05 - october 16-23. 2005
-- call for participation
-- deadline 15. august 2005


Piksel[1] is an annual event for artists and developers working with open 
source audiovisual software tools. Part workshop, part festival, it is 
organised in Bergen, Norway, by the Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts (BEK) 
[2] and involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging 
ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, 
performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of open source. 
Piksel05 will take place in Bergen october 16. - 23. 2005.

The development, and therefore use, of digital technology today is mainly
controlled by multinational corporations. Despite the prospects of
technology expanding the means of artistic expression, the commercial
demands of the software industries severely limit them instead. Piksel is 
focusing on the open source movement as a strategy for regaining artistic 
control of the technology, but also a means to bring attention to the close 
connections between art, politics, technology and economy. 

One of the results of the past Piksel events is the initiation of the Piksel 
Video Framework for 'interoperability between various free software 
applications dealing with video manipulation techniques'[3].

Piksel05 will also feature the release of the Piksel LiveCD[4], a Linux 
distribution containing the software used and developed at Piksel. The 
package contains a suite of innovative audiovisual and artistic software, 
free video plugins, and documentation from the past Piksel events.



The last two Piksel events has focused on live art/audiovisual performance, 
but for Piksel05 the main focus will be an exhibition in collaboration with 
Hordaland Kunstsenter[5].
For the exhibition and other parts of the program we are interested in 
submissions in the following categories:

1. Installations and interactive work
Audiovisual installations created and run solely using open source software. 
The theme for the exhibition will be loosely related to 'games' and the gaming 

2. Audiovisual performance
Live art realised by the use of open source software.

3. Software
Innovative artistic tools or software art released under an open licence.

Please send documentation material - preferably as a URL to online 
documentation with images/video to piksel05 at bek.no
Deadline - august 15. 2005

Use this form for submitting (or go to the online form at 


1. Name of artist(s), email adr.
2. Short bio/CV
3. Category
4. URL to online documentation 
5. Short statement about the work(s)
6. List of software used in the creation/presentation of the work(s)


Or send by snailmail to:

att: Gisle Froysland
C. Sundtsgt. 55
5004 Bergen

More info: http://www.piksel.no/piksel05

piksel05 is produced in cooperation with Kunsthoegskolen in Bergen dep The 
Academy of Fine Arts, Hordaland Kunstsenter. Supported by  PNEK, Bergen 
Kommune, Norsk Kulturfond, BergArt.


[1] http://www.piksel.no
[2] http://www.bek.no
[3] http://www.piksel.org
[4] http://www.piksel.no/pwiki/PikseLiveCD
[5] http://www.kunstsenter.no


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