[PD] connecting midi from pd to jack-rack ???

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Aug 14 16:57:51 CEST 2005

luigi rensinghoff hat gesagt: // luigi rensinghoff wrote:

> i just found that jack rack has a midi control, which i would like touse
> from within PD.
> Has anyone successfully tried this ??
> I wonder if i need "patchage" or if there is another jack-capable midi
> ptchbay ??

The last I know is, that Jack still doesn't do midi, probably Jackrack
is using "normal" midi through the ALSA sequencer. You can use any
ALSA midi sequencer to create connections between applications then.
qjackctl also has an ALSA sequencer patchbay (which has *nothing*
to do with Jack, though). If you use a newer Pd with ALSA midi
support, you should be able to see both Jackrack and Pd in the midi
patchbay part of qjackctl, for older Pds you can do a workaround using
the snd-virmidi virtual midi card. 

Or use [plugin~] and don't fiddle with all this at all.

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