[PD] teabox...any users drivers

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Mon Aug 15 14:19:22 CEST 2005

hello list,

Am Montag 15 August 2005 05:42 schrieb ix at replic.net:
> On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 01:15:45PM +1000, we are wrote:
> > just checking out the teabox interface..
> > http://www.electrotap.com/teabox/
> >
> > looks pretty awesome, i know a guy using it with MAX/MSP.
> > are there any making the thing work with pd and/or linux.
> > thanks
> not sure, you know http://multio.mamalala.de/ uses 12-bit DACs too? and
> surely offers a more dynamic set of configurations...

and with the iobox i designed:
- you dont need to use an audiointerface for controllers, but use the usb port
  think of a laptop... what would you preferrably use the audi interface for  
in a live situation?
- you can have _way_more_ i/o, that is, up to 88 ad inputs for example, not 
just 8. just a single userboard will give you 22 ad inputs already!
- the data can be pre-processed in the box, so you get the range you need 
- it costs much less then any other unit i know that offers a similar 
connectivity, parts and boards would be around 150,- us-dollar, depending on 
where you buy them.
- there will be drop-in-replacement of the current microcontroller to a newer 
one. that will have full-speed usb then, which means similar latencys than 
with the other interface.
- im happy to integrate what the users want into the box's firmware, as long 
as they tell me what they want.

if the building of a box is too big a hurdle for you, thats no problem as 
well, i can do that for you.

on a general note: whats the sense behind using an audiointerface for 
controllers, except to block a valuable audio-port? do you really fiddle with 
knobs and sensors that fast? if so, can i have your hands, please? would make 
my soldering life much easier ;-D
mind you: to use that, you would need an extra audio-interface. add that to 
the cost of the unit.



(now some rambling)
when i see sales-speak like this:

"Too often sensor interfaces are designed to work with the aging MIDI standard 
- a commmunications protocol lacks not only resolution, but also an ability 
to relay meaningful information in a prompt and timely manner."

then i start to questioning what their real intentions are.
i mean, come on, midi is used for many years now, in very complex 
compositions. and im sure that this wont be the case if midi can not handle 
data in a "prompt and timely manner". just don plug all your stuff on just a 
single midi port...... thats why we have multiport midi interface, you 
know .... oh, and have they heard of midi multibyte messages, like nrpn's, 
that surely would allow for 14 bit controllers also?
imagine a chord played on a midi piano, when the above would be true ...

(rambling done)

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