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Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Mon Aug 15 14:57:44 CEST 2005

hi derek,

Am Montag 15 August 2005 14:38 schrieb derek holzer:
> Since we're on the topic of sensors, does anybody have some references
> for cheaper sensors than the commercial ones provided by Teabox and
> I-Cube. EUR 90 (and up and up and up) seems pretty steep for what they
> actually are. I'd be interested in European sources for accellerometers,
> pressure, bend and other "fancy" sensors if people have these resources
> handy.

yes, me. ;-)

tell me what you want, and i will tell you what it will cost.
best would be if there are more than one person interrested in a given type of 
sensor, because ordering the parts is what costs also. imagine, 18$ shipping 
for a 2$ chip .....

pressure sensors (for air pressure) are about 20 $, they can directly connect 
to such a interface. (see freescale.com, they also offer samples)

acceleration/tilt sensor, three axes, is about 10 $, with some extra circuitry 
to interface it will add to 15-20$ (again freescale, and again samples are 

bend sensors are also about 10 $, they just require an extra resistor (about 8 
cent) to be used 
same for force sensors (where you apply pressure with a finger or such) are 
about 10-15$, depending on size.

piezo sensors are between 2,50 $ and 7,50 $, again some circuitry is needed, 
so it will be around 10-15$

light sensor is an inexpensive ldr (photoresistor) + resistor, 2$

(see http://www.imagesco.com/catalog/sensors/index.html for the last three)

oh, not to mention that simple pot's and faders are as low as 50 cent, if you 
grab them from a surplus, high quality stuff is around 5 dollars each .... 

add to all that some wire and plugs as you need, and youre done.

again, tell what you want exactly, im sure we can work something out....

> best,
> d.



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