Atmel AVR + Computer Music (was: Re: [PD] teabox [sensors])

Christian Klippel ck at
Mon Aug 15 17:08:04 CEST 2005

hello ian,

Am Montag 15 August 2005 16:30 schrieb Ian Smith-Heisters:
> Speaking of sensors and PD and microcontrollers...
> Anyone around here have experience with the Atmel AVR? I've been using a
> PIC 18F, but have recently discovered that the AVR is supported by gcc,
> and am eager to leave assembler behind as much as possible. I'd be
> interested in anyone's general impressions, as well as experiences with
> interfacing to PD/other music languages. How is the AVR better/worse
> than PIC?

cant say if they are better or worse than the pic's, but as for the 18f 
series, there is upcomming support in sdcc:

so far i have been able to compile some test stuff of my own, and it works 
nicely. since im going to use the 18f4550 (with full speed usb interface), i 
can say that this particular chip is supported in sdcc. from there, it 
shouldnt be hard to create code for the other 18f's as well. 

> Thanks,
> Ian



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