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B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Tue Aug 16 20:20:23 CEST 2005

Hey Marc,

pixelTANGO is actually not (at all) optimized for OSX, but it does so
happen that the starting design principal (high-quality video mixing) is
much more optimized in Gem on OSX. Why? DV decoding libs, and the magic
catch-all quicktime.

PixelTANGO is actually not at all optimized, but is really a set of
interfaces. Its first task was video performance and so the OSX was
chosen, it was developed on OSX simply because my linux machine was far
to slow to be of any use working with DV files (Duron 800).

But this is a digression.

The bottom line is that everything in pixelTANGO is free and
multi-platform BUT those non-free components that get linked with Gem on
OSX make it perform much better for certain operations. We just need
ffmpeg (or something) function as well as quicktime and decoders that
are very fast and optimized...

Say anyone know of anyone using the GPU to do some decoding work with

Free software on any OS can't help but promote free software.


PS: Showing the weaknesses of one OS in one respect is not the same as
promoting the alternative OSs.

Marc Lavallée wrote:
> It's easy: LGPL software is free, but can be used or linked with non-free
> software. The first letter is "L", for "Lesser", because it protects less;
> its only purpose is to distribute libraries that might become de-facto
> standards.
> In the case of applications, hybrids don't only promote the free parts; for
> example, pixelTango is optimised for OSX because it is mainly developed on
> OSX, so it promotes OSX more than GNU/Linux. But I promote pixelTango to
> OSX users when I can, hoping they might eventually want use a free OS.
> Happy Piksel!
> --
> Marc
> Le 16 Août 2005 11:45, B. Bogart a écrit :
>>If it was so easy to draw the line between free and non-free then things
>>like the LGPL would not have any purpose. I think we're going to have to
>>deal with commercial/free hybrids, which is not at all bad as long as
>>the hybrids highlight and promote the free parts...
>>Seems like Darwin and Apple are not playing nice lately.
>>Yes, I'm bringing the powerbook to piksel, and not lugging my
>>AMD64/Debian mobo.
>>Marc Lavallée wrote:
>>>Le 16 Août 2005 11:15, 220hex a écrit :
>>>>Monday 15 August 2005 01:20, skrev Yves Degoyon:
>>>>>>Mathieu Bouchard a écrit :
>>>>>>>Hey, anyone here going to Piksel'05 ?
>>>>>don't forget they're extremists and can't stand any windows users ))
>>>>total bollocks ;)
>>>>we might well be extremists, but windows is accepted as well as OSX, as
>>>>long as the user-space apps is open-source.
>>>It'a getting difficult to draw a line between the user-space apps and
>>>the root-space os. Using "open source" (I prefer the term free) on
>>>non-free platforms is one way to promote freedom for users, but it's
>>>far from enough. The first words on the Piksel web site are:
>>>"Piksel is a yearly event for artists and developers working
>>> with Free Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) for realtime
>>>processing of video and sound."  Since Windows and OSX are non-free
>>>softwares, the Piksel people should logically be extreme extremists...
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