[PD] hardware recommendation

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Aug 17 14:06:50 CEST 2005

Hi Georg,

I have an AMD64 machine running debian with similar specs (AMD 3200).

First thing is what are you specifically doing in Gem? If your doing
lots of graphics and not much video then you need a better graphics card
that does openGL very well, matrox is not known for this. I have a
Matrox QID on a windows box at work and it behaves quite badly. :( but
it certainly could be buggy drivers as apposed to bad HW.

Anyhow I have an nvidia N6600 which is blowing me away so far. It is
dual head (1x VGA, 1xDVI and 1x svideo) and I'm runing it on two screens
0.1 and 0.0. You should be able to share one gemwin on both screens
using the normal "streched" nvidia driver mode.

I have a RAID setup on my machine with dual SATA. I'll be soon doing a
test of disk access using a single 13GB video clip, and using crazy
random access inside it. I'll let you all know how well it works!

The biggest issue I have with this machine is that there seems to be
some bugs with amd64 and SSE. Frank and my machine both crash a test
patch using pyext compiled with SSE. :( I still can't get around it.

the commercial nvidia drivers work very well and are fully functional
(same features as the windows drivers).

Good luck.


Georg Holzmann wrote:
> Hallo list!
> I have to use 4 800x600 projectors with 4 channel sound for an
> installation, so I wanted to ask if someone can share some experiences
> which hardware we should buy ...
> the organizers suggested the following:
> athlon64, 1.8ghz
> 1gb ram
> 2x matrox g200 dualhead pci.
> (1 or 2 computers)
> 1) Should I really try to use the 64 bit processors :) (on linux of
> course) ?
> 2) I think I will use GEM (it's not much to do - I have to display some
> images and text ...), so I am just thinking about, how to use 4 projectors:
> - I could use 2 computer with a dualhead graphic card, then make a big
> GEM window over all 2 heads
> - 1 computer with 2 dualhead graphic cards and make a big GEM window
> over all 4 heads ?
> - or maybe start 2 PDs on one computer to have 2 gemwins (trying to
> avoid the experimtental multiple gemwin feature ...)
> 3) matrox g200: has anyone experiences with that card - I searched
> google and found an (old) article, there it was said, that it's not
> possible to use DRI with 2 screens on linux ...
> or could someone suggest an other card?
> Thanks a lot for any suggestion,
> LG
> Georg
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