[PD] hardware recommendation

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Wed Aug 17 16:35:21 CEST 2005


First thanks for all answers!

> First thing is what are you specifically doing in Gem?
images are displayed at the screen (9 images on one screen - and they 
change all the time - I think I'll use pix_buffer because I need a 
certain set of images in a certain time) and some text ...

> Anyhow I have an nvidia N6600 which is blowing me away so far. It is
> dual head (1x VGA, 1xDVI and 1x svideo) and I'm runing it on two screens
> 0.1 and 0.0. You should be able to share one gemwin on both screens
> using the normal "streched" nvidia driver mode.
thanks - the problem is only, that I think this card will be a little 
bit too expensiv (would need 2 of them ...)

> The biggest issue I have with this machine is that there seems to be
> some bugs with amd64 and SSE. Frank and my machine both crash a test
> patch using pyext compiled with SSE. :( I still can't get around it.
good to know - I also will use pyext, so no sse ...

Matthijs van Henten schrieb:
 > I was using a ati radeon dualhead. You are not using the gpu -- ?
 > g200 is not very fast.

I just realized it ...

 > generating or playback?) in high quality. limiting to one pc can save
 > you headaches and might be cheaper at this time - unlike a few years
 > when bying a couple of duron's was a good cheap option.

cyrille henry schrieb:
 > I don't think you'll be able to have DRI on a window crossing 2
 > craphic card.


tati schrieb:
 > if you use them with xinerama you can't have dri, but at least with

do you mean it's even not possible on "only" 2 screens ?

Question regarding the grafic card:
of course ati radeon and nvidia seem to be the best solution - but expensive
has anyone experience with e.g. Matrox G450 Dualhead (they seem to have 
good linux support) - dri on both screens ?

1 vs. 2 computer:
so I think it won't be possible with 1 computer and 4 screens ?

Thanks again,

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