[piksel] Re: [PD] Piksel'05

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Wed Aug 17 16:32:31 CEST 2005

On Aug 17, 2005, at 5:28 AM, Gisle Fr0ysland wrote:

> Tuesday 16 August 2005 20:20, skrev B. Bogart:
>> The bottom line is that everything in pixelTANGO is free and
>> multi-platform BUT those non-free components that get linked with  
>> Gem on
>> OSX make it perform much better for certain operations. We just need
>> ffmpeg (or something) function as well as quicktime and decoders that
>> are very fast and optimized...
>> Say anyone know of anyone using the GPU to do some decoding work with
>> pixelShaders?
> hi ben,
> you're touching some very important issues here, and in fact one of  
> the main
> reasons why we initiated Piksel in the first place.
> I have often been surprised by linux developers' seemingly lack of  
> interest
> for anything that goes on outside their own application. The  
> general attituse
> seems to be that 'the other stuff is not my responsibility, so I  
> just have to
> blindly rely on what other coders are doing'. This is specially  
> true for
> video apps where everybody seems to be closing their eyes for  
> things like the
> lack of a unified high-quality playback-engine and free hq codecs.

...even as an avid user of quicktime I will readily admit that it  
does some stupid things (like always transparently resizing/rescaling  
dv, even if it's just to a scale of 1?!?)...so I've often wondered  
where the "good" codecs are for video art use?  It seems to me we  
need a "vj codec", something like a modern, highquality, fullframe  
photo-jpeg that is highly optimized and low in cpu usage, but most  
work seems to be going into streaming architecture codecs...this is  
certainly great for delivery, but it doesn't seem to be the best  
(yet?) for screwing around in realtime...anyway, it's unfortunately  
one project too far for me to jump into atm...

> We should learn from the linux audio community and their effort to  
> advocate
> the low-latency patches which is finally in the latest kernels.
> We not only need a video-jack but also a video-alsa!

...pdp and gem have some nice interworking objects so that video from  
one can go to the other, and these will just get better...and there  
are "video-jack"-type efforts, I just don't think they've gotten much  
momentum behind them (so little momentum that I can't recall the name  
of the one I'm thinking about)...


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