[PD] Piksel'05

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Wed Aug 17 21:46:19 CEST 2005


read the next sentence in the quote carefully:

> >>>
> >>>i wouldnt say that hardware cant be modified.
> >>

wouldnt != would ;-)

> >>this is because you have never see free hardware.
> >
> > woot? not only i have seen it, i actually do it:
> > http://multio.mamalala.de to give only one example ..... be carefull what
> > you wish for .... ;-)
> sorry.i made a mistake here.
> so, i don't undestand you : why do you say hardware can't be modified,
> as that what you're doing?

see above, i said i _wouldnt_ (which is: would not) say that ;-)
the whole stuff i wrote after that sentence wouldnt (!) make any sense if i 
had agreed with the previous poster that hardware couldnt (!) be modified.

but no problem, misunderstandings happen on an international level, where each 
one speaks a language that isnt native to her/him.... once i thought 
"invaluable" means "of no value" when someone wrotes something about my 
stuff. sure i was upset, but as it turned out, i was wrong ;-)


> i don't have bookmark anymore about this, (as i was working on this many
> years ago) but i've got a lots of shematics that i'll send you off list.

that would be very nice!

> cyrille



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