[PD] Piksel'05

cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Thu Aug 18 00:36:15 CEST 2005

ydegoyon at free.fr a écrit :
>>conclusion : i really think it is ridiculus to say "use linux and be free".
> i don't want to be too rude,
> but some philosophers before you wrote freedom
> did not exist at all, but think who they were and
> what they did.

maybee that why i'm not a fan of phylosophy. :-)

i'll build myself a free computer when i'll be able to.
i'll will not be free then as i'll use not free chips, but i'll be more 
free than someone who use a non-free computer.
looking for freedom is endless. you should not stop to your OS, your 
drivers, your bios...

in fact, you can stop wherever you want if you think you'll never be 
free. but don't be proud of ONLY using a free OS.

will you choose phylosophy or will you buy (build) a soldering iron?


a bientot

> salut,
> sevy

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