[PD] Piksel'05

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Thu Aug 18 05:55:07 CEST 2005

Le 17 Août 2005 09:18, B. Bogart a écrit :
> Hey Marc,
> you know better than this! I see no different between cutting a trace
> and soldering in a new wire (HW hacking) compared to changing a few
> lines of code...

I won't comment all the (very OT) thread I missed today... :-)

My point was that hardware is still designed, marketed, and sold in order to 
be used unmodified. On the other hand, free software is designed, marketed 
and used as a work in progress, not as a monolithic product loosing value 
while being used. Hacking free software is normal and legally protected for 
this usage. Hacking free software is ecological, but throwing away 
unmodified hardware because it is "obsolete" (like cell phones) is 
polluting. Hacking hardware should be a protected right. New laws in Europe 
are forcing manufacturers to design their products so they can be recycled; 
extending such laws could force them to let us modify and adapt their 
products. We want free drivers and free hardware...

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