[PD] Piksel'05

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sat Aug 20 02:08:17 CEST 2005

220hex wrote:

>Wednesday 17 August 2005 22:10, skrev ydegoyon at free.fr:
>>i know this, and maybe i regret it,
>>like people speaking of "open source",
>>self-organised events and such and that never entered
>>a "dirty " squat...
>don't know who you're referring to here, Yves
>but I agree -
>there's nothing like the good old
>'I was a punk before you' discussion
i'm sure you don't think of the word "punk" as someone
who only wants to destroy the commercial system
( and more than all, the art business too )...
that's just a start!!

it's also about trying to build different relationships,
in the model of development of software AND of society,
i'm referring to  some self-organised spaces and found there
a real positive, creative energy
(  Riereta, Barcelona
Les Tanneries, dijon,
Ljudmila, ljubljana,
Monte Paradiso, Pula, croatia,
ASCII, amsterdam ... )

and, of course, BEK, bergen,
you punk!

hehe, see ya.

ps : about free hardware,
maybe we don't assemble our own mainboards, ok,
but some people make their own setups :

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