[PD] drum slicer

David Powers cyborgk at nocturnalnoize.com
Mon Aug 22 22:02:58 CEST 2005

I would be EXTREMELY interested in something along the lines of 
Supatrigga (but why not with more features) if anyone knows out how to 
create something like this...  I've seen some amazing MAX Reaktor 
patches along those lines...

Especially, there is a command line program called "glitch.exe" that 
does very interesting beat chopping and FX (you can find the free demo 
online).  But, glitch is not really time.  If I could combine beat 
rearranging (with both manual and auto modes) and the ability to add 
different FX to each slice, I'd be in heaven.

Theoretically, you could build an FX blackbox, that gets a bang 
everytime a new slice comes through.  The bang triggers the FX to change 
according to weighted probability.  Inside you would probably have 8 to 
16 parallel FX, with a slider for each parameter to control the 
likelihood that audio would get routed through it.  If you wanted to do 
it like "glitch", there might be four layers of FX alligned in a series, 
so any given slice would go through 0 to 4 FX processes before coming 
out of the FX blackbox.


alexandre matheson wrote:

> Hi
> On Dimanche, août 21, 2005, at 09:41  am, Jerome Tuncer wrote:
>> Cool!
>> I'm workin on stuff like that as well. Even if it seems "everyone 
>> does  this" according to hardoff, I still find it very exciting (-:
>> Maybe we could exchange ideas on algorithmics for intelligent auto  
>> "slider positionning" (that is in fact loop slicing) in the loop so  
>> that it becomes generative but still with patterns which is the next  
>> step I'll try to implement in my patch.
> Very interesting, send me me the patch I would like to check it out.  
> Have you heard of a pluggin called Supatrigga  
> (http://bram.smartelectronix.com/plugins.php?id=6)? It sort of  
> re-organizes loops in real time by repeating, reversing, and slowing  
> down slices. Is this the sort of thing you are trying to build? I'm 
> not  sure how to achieve this but I got a couple of ideas.
>> Agree with Patrick though on the fact that the sliders are really 
>> hard  to move except when moving them all in a while. That's a 
>> detail  anyways.
> Yes I totally agree, I've thought about using vertical sliders 
> instead  of drawing in an array but eventually I want to be able to 
> easily  change the number of slices which I'll probably do by resizing 
> the  array and making a variable in the slicing algorithm. Maybe there 
> is an  external gui object that will sort all this out?
>> ++
>> alexandre matheson a écrit :
>>> Hello,
>>> Here is a new patch I made for drum loops. Please reply with 
>>> feedback  or to report bugs.
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