[PD] drum slicer

Jerome Tuncer columbiatwo at free.fr
Tue Aug 23 02:44:41 CEST 2005


BBCut library from Nick Collins 
(http://www.cus.cam.ac.uk/~nc272/bbcut2.html)  does exactly the kind of 
thing we're all talking about I think. But anyway, I still feel 
interested and excited exploring the breakbeat recipe by myself (-:

I haven't had the time to go much further in his stuff though. I'd have 
to learn SuperCollider first. But a friend of mine is currently workin 
on a VST implementation of the BBCut algorithms family. If you want to 
check it out: 

As far as the GUI aspect is concerned, I used to have vradio insttead of 
sliders or tables but it's slowly turning less interesting because of 
its "staticness" on cutting length/position (that's where we seem to 
agree Alexandre). You wanted to see a patch but the real problem is that 
I don't have any "standalone" stuff. The cutting thing is included 
deeply in a whole live performance patch of mine that is indeed possible 
to separate. But as soon as I have time (-:

Thanks for the PdContainer idea ix. I didn't even know about this ext 
but I'll have a closer look at it since Rradical memento used to 
segfault my Pd when I tried it...



adam armfield a écrit :
> i hear the bbcut library for supercollider does this
> kind of thing too
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