[PD] drum slicer

Jerome Tuncer columbiatwo at free.fr
Tue Aug 23 03:31:54 CEST 2005

ix at replic.net a écrit :
> what would your ideal GUI for breakbeat deconstruction/reconstruction be anyways? or at least a few random guesses...

That's a tricky question......

  I don't precisely know tha answer but I'd say that the perfect GUI for 
a live tool would be noGUI... Let me explain what I mean: I'd like to be 
able to use a GUI for "teaching" my patch the patterns and methods used 
for my breakbeat/sound and then make him compose using the guidelines 
learned beforhand. That's how I think I'll try and implement my stuff...

As for now, the vradio gives me good result in just live twiddling but I 
think it's possible to go further with "analog" controls (sliders, 
tables... as opposed to quantized data handlers).

> btw i think its possible to rig up something like recycle using the built in 'data' gui features, assigning bonk~ output to vertical lines, and overlaying them on a table...

I'll have a look at that method. Do you mean manipulating GUI objects 
properties in some way?



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