[PD] Academic question about AMD64 and audio

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Tue Aug 23 23:31:51 CEST 2005

>>/ Will my AMD64 laptop run PD and other sound apps (using mingo's RT 
/>>/ patched kernels) faster in native 64-bit linux or faster as a 
/>>/ conventional 32-bit linux?
> amd64 has a number of general-purpose registers that are not available
> in 32-bit mode, which means code compiled for 64bit will be faster
> regardless of whether it was specially optimized for 64bit, or uses >4gb
> of ram..the charts i saw at anandtech put it at around 10-25%..

If that is the case (and I believe it is) will some PD code guru PLEASE
get arrays to behave correctly in 64-bit PD?
I don't see this problem ever going away, will it? At least without a code

I dont know enough about code to find out myself, but dont arrays have
callbacks? Wouldnt it be a simple as changing the typedef for the elements
of an array, and any programm accessing $0-array would use this callback?
When externals are compiled they could look at pd.h to see the size of data
arrays return, and deal with them appropriately...
I know the worst ammount - a little bit. Sorry...

Its just sad that I cant use my 64-bit machine in 64-bit mode.


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