[PD] pd --help doesn't work

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Aug 24 12:47:56 CEST 2005

Piotr Majdak wrote:
> Hi!
> IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
>> well, "pd --help" works perfectly and writes the help to the stderr.
>> however, on windows, the stderr is sent to nirvana (there have been a 
>> number of posts on this topic (regarding the "-stderr" - flag), see 
>> the archives)
> A funny definition of "perfectly", from my point of view ;-) Where did 
> pd send the messages in 0.37 versions? ("pd --help" worked perfectly for 
> this version on Windows)

oh, please do read the archives, this has all been explained several times.

>> but you are quite right this should be fixed somehow
> That'd be nice. Maybe we could something like that:
> if(windows)
>   use_older_method_whatever_it_was;
> else
>   use_stderr_instead;

this does not work (as has been described earlier), because pd.exe 
(>=0.38) is a non-DOS application (it does not provide an entry-hook 
"int main()" any more)

you probably did not notice because you always start pd via a 
batch-script (which launches a DOS-box), but if you click on the pd.exe 
you will notice that the console is gone.

however this means, that everything pd writes to stderr (and it _does_ 
still write to the stderr when you start "pd -help") will be swallowed 
by {mr.gates himself (at least i would want him to)} {your operating system)

>> (otoh, i guess that miller want people to use the preferences-settings 
>> instead of flags (and .bat-files))
> I start pd and it's configuration remotely using batch files. The 
> ability to do that was one reason of chosing pd years ago. It would be 
> nice providing this feature in further versions. Honestly, it's 
> essential for me...

i don't think this feature will ever vanish.

> Do you know where can i get the list and syntax of switches? (Besides 
> keeping an obsolete version on the disk just for "pd --help" :-)

i can think of several methods:
-> read the code ;-)
-> create a "pd-flags.txt" file from an obsolete version
-> ssh to a osX/linux machine with a recent pd installed and try "pd --help"
-> read the archives (for further ideas)
-> ...

it would also be nice to have the list of flags available from within 
pd, like "Help->ListOfCommandLineFlags";
  since you are allowed to add arbitrary command-line flags via the 
properties-menu you ought to know them...


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