[PD] re-Tcl_LinkVar

nico sl1200mk2 at free.fr
Thu Aug 25 14:25:14 CEST 2005

>> for now, pd tell me this:
>> link error 0  dyld: /usr/local/bin/pd Undefined symbols:
>> _Tcl_LinkVar
> short:
> you have to link agains the tcl-libraries.
as it's my first external, i'm not really sure of things i do

what does mean link against tcl-librairies.
my staring point was you "howto write an external", and you don't write 
anything about that ((((

in the first line i've put:
#include <tcl.h>
#include "m_pd.h"
but it doesn't seem to be enough
> but:
> i am not really sure what you want to do.
> if you want to create a faster connection between the pd-core (the 
> C-code) and the pd-gui (a small server in C and the tcl/tk 
> interpreter) then you'll be out of luck, since the address spaces of 
> the 2 processes will be protected against each other.
> (you cannot just peep into the data of another application; imagine 
> the security hole)
i would like to create a pipe between pd-core (launched with no-gui 
flag) and a gui (not the pd-one) written in tcl/tk.

for example, a text widget in tk linked with a "c" variable calculed in 
each time pd update the variable value, the text widget is updated

> Tcl_LinkVar should work on the pd-gui side (but that is almost 
> certainly not what you want).
> if you are writing something from scratch (like a tcl-interpreter as a 
> pd-external) you will be lucky again.
> of course i have no idea what i am writing about, so it might be all 
> wrong.

best regards

> mfg.asd.r
> IOhannes
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