[PD] tx816/dx7 emulation in PD

Stefan Tiedje Stefan-Tiedje at addcom.de
Thu Aug 25 15:53:53 CEST 2005

Malte Steiner schrieb:
> Please keep in mind while emulating the sound of DX7 you also have to 
> recreate the behaviour of the D/A converters which had a huge impact on 
> the sound. For instance the DX7II sounded different than its precursor. 
> I don't know about the legasynth nor about Franks approach but it takes 
> more than just recreate the FM structure and sysex compatibility.

All this is true, and for those digging in history, only the real thing
is worth considering.
But as someone who created a lot of FM sounds in the old days, these
'subtleties' never had been an issue for me. I never had a problem with
missing the noise of the original DX7 when I switched to a TX 802 (I
still have it, anybody interested?). The synthesizer principle behind it
has always been the focus. Any external or patch which does it will be
very interesting, as they would be extensible as well.
Thats why there are some attempts to recreate the DX7 structure but no
attempt (as far as I know) to recreate the crappy converters of a DX7
which could be done seperately (beware, they had 12-bit converters and I
don't know about the sampling rate).
Actually to recreate the also crappy velocity sensitivity of the 
original DX7 is easy in Pd ;-)


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