[PD] re-Tcl_LinkVar

nico sl1200mk2 at free.fr
Thu Aug 25 18:42:54 CEST 2005

hi, how are you...

> btw, if you want to run Tk, there would be a further difficulty
> of having to start a separate thread for the Tcl event loop.
i've made a starkit wich run pd with nogui and interact with pd using 
[netsend] [netreceive] from pd parts and socket & socket -server from 
tcl part
tk does not update correctly data it receives via socket (i believe 
it's because parsing proc invoke too many work)

so, i had i idea:
i will make an external to link tcl variable with pd variable, without 
using network.
is it a bad idea?

so, the external does not have to run anything from Tk, it only have to 
update a variable with a value and link it with tcl (using a 
but for now i don't succeed.

> I wonder if anybody has ever experimented with in-process pd-gui?
i don't understand.

> Krzysztof
> nico wrote:
>>> -ltcl8.4
best regards,

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