[PD] is this a bug?

Gregorio G. Karman ggkarman at musicologia.com
Fri Aug 26 18:17:53 CEST 2005

>>Hi list,
>>I'm running pd on winxp and am very much a beginner. Today I noticed
>>something strange when installing an external. I am unable to delete
>>the last remaining lines which I previously added to the "path
>>search" and "startup" options dialogue. Every time I delete and save
>>settings and restart the program, the same line shows up again. Is
>>this a bug or is it my pc? Are these configurations saved somewhere
>>on the computer? I have reinstalled the same version of pd twice but
>>the line is still there even after a fresh reinstallation.
> yes. that's a bug. under windows the "path search" and "startup"
> settings are saved in the registry.
> using regedit you can get rid of the wrong settings.
> sven.
I find it much easier to keep several configs or load many libs with th
old bat, and much cleaner & safer than having to tweak the registry (which
you will need to do if you use 'path' or 'startup'). IMHO I think the
dialogs are just more confusing thn the .bat, at least in w$.


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