[PD] elucidation on syncing r~'s

Matthias Blau blau_m at web.de
Fri Aug 26 22:23:50 CEST 2005

Thanks Mathieu,

however, it is not that easy: no loops in my patches (I wouldn't have
been able to substitute them by patch cords would I), but nonetheless
delays between r~s.

>That information is all before your eyes. Just follow your patch >backwards
>to see where the signal you are send~ing is coming from. If the object
>you're sending to is _also_ a place where the signal came from (i mean >any
>signal contributing to what you're send~ing), then you get a
>chicken-and-egg dependency. Pd then solves that problem by delaying the
>sent signal so that it only has an impact at the next "instant" in the
>future, that is, one block away.


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