[PD] [OT] New Media programming language net-resources?

vade doktorp at mac.com
Sat Aug 27 09:46:18 CEST 2005

Hello list,

looking for the hive-mind answer to a random question: is anyone  
aware of any active, thriving message-boards/irc channels/etc that  
concentrate on new media programming environments/theory/practice: ie  
Max/MSP, PD, Gem, Processing, CSound, hardware hacking, sensors..  
midi, etc etc. (and I dont necessarily mean just one, but an all  
inclusive one, ?

Id love to find a happening IRC Channel or something similar to pose  
some questions to some folks regarding processing and technique (but  
the forum is waaaayyy to empty).

Just curious if anyone knows.

Thanks a lot // (btw forgive the cross posting if you are on other  
mailing lists :)

v a d e //

doktorp at mac.com

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