[PD] joystick button-mashing

poil poil at apfrod.com
Sat Aug 27 22:35:13 CEST 2005

Thanks I don't think I tried gripd before for joystick - both are by  
It's great but it only supports two joysticks/joypads. I am using two dual  
PS2 to USB adaptors with four PS2 controllers plugged in. Running two  
instances of gripd doesn't seem to work as they both share the same  
send/recieve names.

> hello poil,
> try using using gripd- you have a different receive for each button/axis
> pete
> poil wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am using jsarlo's joystick extension on windows which sends  
>> button-id  number and a binary button-state for the whole pad on its  
>> last two outlets  respectively. I am currently using it with a pack and  
>> a route to get my  button presses into pd, however there are some  
>> problems when multiple  buttons are pressed simultaneously or one  
>> button is not released before  another is pressed.
>> So far I have just been careful when performing but when other people  
>> play  it they always seem to want to button-mash thus making my patch  
>> do  terrible and unexpected things!
>> -poil-

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