[PD] HID and timestamp

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Mon Aug 29 02:58:53 CEST 2005

hello etienne,

Am Montag 29 August 2005 01:39 schrieb etienne deleflie:
> I'm not sure if this logic is correct, but would it not be possible to
> introduce a delay that is the size of the maximum number of messages
> sent in one chunk?
> for example. If the system spits out on average 4 messages together
> (every 20 msecs).... then one could introduce a 20msec delay, and then
> use the 4 messages' timestamp to define a smaller delay to spit out the
> individual messages evenly over that 20msec.
> It sounds as though the logic forced by the constraints of the system
> will be: introduce a delay and get a smooth (in time) set of messages,
> or have no delay and lose some of the data.

and what if a coordinate changes happens, and then a button click, which is 
sent "in one block" to the host? that would introduce a delay between these 
two that might not be wanted. or if the x and y coordinate changes at 
once ...

but of course, it may be better than just spilling out the whole batch of 
messages .... but while waiting a milisecond to send the next event, there 
may be 2 other have arrived already ..... what then?
and with the dsp running at 44.1 khz, with a blocksize of 64, the time between 
two reads is always a little bit bigger than 1 ms.....

> etienne



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