[Fwd: Re: [PD] teabox...any users drivers]

Stefan Tiedje Stefan-Tiedje at addcom.de
Tue Aug 30 07:45:46 CEST 2005

acracia at riseup.net schrieb:
> what about OSC through localhost? if you're sending just plain numbers it
> doesn't load your system as much as usb midi... at least in Linux

We were using a Toaster from LaKitchen, which is well aimed at that. I
think its even more pricey then a teabox (can't confirm at the moment).
We had problems with certain switches though, but that was related to
the switches. Otherwise it worked, but as the load of data was way
higher than Midi could handle, the overall load was higher than
comparable usb midi load, especially because our set was using simple
sliders, which would not require any data to be sent as long the slider
wasn't touched. The Toaster was sending a stream of data all the time,
which is fine if working with sensors, which move and change all the
time anyway. For our set a simple CV-to-Midi was preferable.
Shortly: it depends very much on the application and the device which is
sending the data. Could be better or worse than Midi. (This applies to
all operating systems, not just Linux)


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