carmen ix at replic.net
Tue Aug 30 16:10:43 CEST 2005

> >Do you have (double)(unsigned __int64) on your platform implemented? 
> >(I'm not sure what the last editor of this code did...)
> So the question is: who needs dumpOSC_SendReply() in OSC? I'm going to 
> comment this part of dumpOSC...

hmm. has anyone thought about making a liblo-based OSC external, instead of investing any more effort in the circa-1996 OSCx? i mean besides the fact that its full of bugs and missing features its incredibly "dumb" and cant even work with modern apps that choose random ports to connect from and instantiate a 2-way connection etc..i had to bug the author of another app just to make a special feature so that i could connect to it from PD, for example..

> br, Peter

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