[PD] Copies of mails. Why?

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Tue Aug 30 18:02:42 CEST 2005

hi all,

Am Dienstag 30 August 2005 16:50 schrieb Stefan Tiedje:
> IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> > it is for those peope who do not read the pd-list and thus do not know
> > that this has been already discussed.
> And though it has been discussed, the natural solution, to ad a reply-to
> to the header has not been changed. Each time its coming up it adds to
> the significance that with reply-to is better than without !!!
> Less traffic, less confusion, more messages which are ment to go to the
> list arrive at the list, simply more intelligent.

for that, this issue is a PEBKAC.

i can tell my mail client to reply to:
r)eply to sender

depending just on which of these 3 keys i press. 
instead of somesone fiddling with the list, the user should learn his e-mail 
client and simply press the right key!

> The only acceptable argument against: the danger of posting private
> mails to the list, has no practical relevance in any of the list (the
> majority of lists) i am subscribed to.
> Modern e-mail clients allow to filter messages into their own folders,
> which safely prevents you from sending private mails to any list.
> I agree that there might still be different oppinions possible, but the
> evidence points to somewhere else...

the evidence points to standards that we should apply, and that is to not 
tweak the reply to field.


one sets up a autoresponder, like "im in hollidays for 3 weeks now" and you 
send a mail to the list.

with the original header, the sender will get that auto-reply.
with a modified header, it may end up on the list instead.

> I know, for those who only read the Pd-list a change might need some
> time to get used to (though they might not realise, as reply-all would
> still send the reply to the list), but for everybody else it would be a
> releaf.
> Stefan

i would say, get used to use your email client correctly.
just because you are used to simply r)eply to mails, that doesnt mean you can 
not do a l)isr reply instead......

> P.S. Beware each time its coming up, I'll chime in, though, if I forget
> to change the recipient it might not show up.
> If anybody who wants also to chime in, double check if you're answering
> to the list...

yes, i do, by pressing "l" on my keyboard ... ;)



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