[PD] asio problems under windows

Maik Hester maik.hester at gmx.de
Tue Aug 30 18:08:57 CEST 2005

Dear Members of the PD Mailinglist,

where does PD store the binaries in windoze (XP)?
Some time ago I entered the line "c:/programme/pd/bin/asiolib.lib" in 
the binaries menu and added the startup flag "-r 44100".
When I delete the commands and reboot the computer, they return.
Since any attempt to delete these commands fails I deleted the complete 
pd installation and reinstalled it, but the entries are still there.
I checked the windoze registry, but the entries were not there, too.

Second, I want to use PD with my Hercules 16/12 Firewire Interface, but 
PD only recognises two channels.
What can I do?
Every time I run PD it starts with the error message "separate audio 
device choice not supported\; using sequential devices.
c:/programme/pd/bin/asiolib.lib: can't load library"
and fails to initialize the interface correctly.

Thanks for your help, Maik.

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